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Last updated on Thu Apr 27 2000

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"Star Gate collection" is the name given by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to a declassified records collection concerning parapsychology and intelligence.
Jules Romains and Remote Viewing

In the early XXth century, the french Academician Jules Romains conducted remote viewing experiments. He called this phenomena the "vision extra-retinienne" and wrote a book to relate his work. Historical article.

New Document : telepathy with twins

In the seventies, the most part of the CIA documents related to the mind control project MKultra have been destroyed. However, a memorandum concerning the subproject 136 survived to this illegal destruction ordered by CIA director Richard Helms. The aim of this subproject was to investigate Extrasensory Perception and particularly the telepathy with twins. You'll find soon on this site CIA documents about the EEG correlations found in this experimental program.

The Origin of "Remote Viewing"

In 1916, the french review Annales des Siences Psychiques, directed by the Nobel prize Pr Charles Richet published an article about psychic warfare. For the first time, the words "vision a distance" (french expression for "remote viewing") was used to describe the faculty of perception of remote sites in a war context. You can fin here a full-text transcript of the original article in the history section of this site.

DIA documents online

The Defense Intelligence Agency provides its frequently asked declassifieds documents online. This public service is offered by the DIA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) department. You can find in the intelligence community section the links with the official FOIA department sites.

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