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978 Kb
MKultra Subproject 136
10 pages
23 august 1961
Memorandum dedicated to a subproject of the famous CIA mind control MKultra project. The aim of this program is an "Experimental Analysis of Extrasensory Perception" with an approach of the twin question.

3779 Kb
Paraphysics R&D - Warsaw Pact
137 pages
30 march 1978
Report dedicated to warsaw pact paraphysics research with an historical, ideological, theoretical and experimental point of view.

5767 Kb
Controlled Offensive Behavior - USSR
183 pages
July 1972
This report summarizes the information on Soviet research on human vulnerability as it relates to incapacitating individuals or small groups. It includes parapsychology research.

4158 Kb
Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research
177 pages
September 1975
Report dedicated to soviet and czechoslokian psychotronic (parapsychology) research, including out of body experiments, remote viewing, Psychokinesis an telepathy.

2173 Kb
Experiments in hypnosis at a distance
3 pages
11 may 1965
Intelligence report from USSR concerning Pr Leonid L. Vasiliev and his work in the field of hypnosis at a distance.

938 Kb
Parapsychological Association Meeting of the 9-11 september 1971
4 pages
27 september 1971
Memorandum dedicated to the Parapsychological Association Meeting of the 9-11 september 1971. It mainly deals with the Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's ESP experiment in Apollo 14.